With the characteristic for the family, figure of Tzοulia Georgiadi on the label, the unique blend of our Retsina with Chardonnay and Roditis is offered in the absolutely key packaging of 500ml bottle.

Τhe company’s basic series of five types of wine is offered in the absolutely key packaging of 500ml bottle, ready to give pleasure at the family table.

Created to avoid the slightest waste, the 187ml bottle of the basic series of six labels of Georgiadis Canteen, with the characteristic figure and source of inspiration, Tzοulia Georgiadi, is ready to indulge you at any time and occasion.

Endless pleasure for grand moments, the bag-in-boxes contain every type of wine that may interest every wine lover and are available for extensive consumption in groups and generous meals.

Rosa Regina, in free translation the "Queen of Roses". The rich Merlot and the fragrant Muscat give it a distinct fruity and floral temperament that will be imprinted in your memory.

Surrounded by legends and history, the innovative series of three wines of Georgiadis Canteen, succeeds in adding glamour while addressing not only those with restless palates, but also all those who want to discover the meaning of quality.

In an environment where retsina is gaining an increasing recognition as a respectable wine, as long as it is vinified with proper care, the premium retsina of Georgiadis Canteen can safely help lead this historical conjuncture.

Ouzo Psychis Chios Rebiko 40% vol is produced with a traditional family recipe from 100% distillation of Chian anise, creating the special aroma and the characteristic rich taste that distinguishes it.

Double Distilled Tsipouro Psychis without Anise. Black Moschato from Tyrnavos in a special proportion with other fine grape varieties is distilled in traditional copper multi-distillers and then redistilled. Double distillation, twice authentic!

Mastiha!!! It is the tear that aromatizes, soothes, delights… With its intoxicating aroma we created a genuine Chian liqueur with a unique taste. Mastiha liqueur Psychis is prepared in the old traditional way. It is the appropriate aperitif and is pleasantly drunk cold.


Abelon is a limited edition, 4 years aged, 100% certified organic distillate of a single variety of grapes.

Organic distillate of grapes D.Kazakis.

100% certified organic distillate of grapes in limited number of bottles.