The history of the Georgiadis family


Georgiadis, the historical family of winemakers, began its journey in the early 20th century, in Jimovasi (Menderes) in Izmir, Asia Minor. The earliest protagonist of the story, the then known as Barba-Tzortzis (Georgios Georgiadis) was active in the production of alcohol (he was a chemist) and its distribution to local distilleries for the production of Raki.

Barba-Tzortzis was a very intelligent man and was dealing with various things. He loved and cared for his city and was a active member of the local community. One of his most important achievements was that he was among the people who brought the electricity to the city of Smyrna. A few months before the destruction of the city, in the summer of 1922, he took refuge with his family, wife and five sons, first in Athens and a short time later in Thessaloniki.

In the Greek co-capital, his family, together with three other refugee families from Asia Minor, created Peraia, the current suburb of Thessaloniki, with a population of about 40,000 inhabitants today. There, Barba Tzortzis, continued to produce alcohol and supplied the producers of Ouzo in Greece. He soon became known for another reason though. In 1952 he produced the "yellow liquid", which, as he claimed, had healing properties for cancer (you will find the relevant documentary from the ERT archive of the show “The Time Machine”, entitled TSARLATANOS on our site 00:47 -17:20). People used to crowd outside his home to get their hands on this miraculous liquid. In a very short time, even expatriates from America began to arrive to Peraia, skyrocketing the reputation of the liquid, the ingredients of which Barba-Tzortzis kept secret. Its high demand aroused the curiosity of the medical community and forced the local authorities to conduct an investigation. In the court that followed, Barba-Tzortzis was acquitted, after proving that he was not selling his healing liquid, but rather giving it for free to those who needed it.

Antonios Georgiadis

The story of the Georgiadis family carries on with Barba-Tzortzis’ son, Antonios Georgiadis and his wife Pandora (our bag-in-box’s name is not accidentally chosen, as you can already tell). Antonios Georgiadis established a soft drink factory in Peraia called "ALPHA", since he was also the commercial distributor of the homonymous beer for the local area. He later, was the one that produced the famous barrel retsina Georgiadis, buying all the grapes produced in the surrounding areas, primarily in the large vineyard of Agia Triada in the current Municipality of Thermaikos. Many well-known taverns in Thessaloniki (such as “Ta Varelakia”, “Koumbarakia” and “Rizos” among others) believed in the retsina Georgiadis and dared to offer it exclusively in their menus.

Georgios Georgiadis

The right hand of Antonios Georgiadis and the one mainly responsible for closing the agreements was his son, Georgios Georgiadis, who took over the reins of the business in 1989. Along with his wife, Tzoulia Georgiadi (the face and name on Georgiadis Canteen’s 500ml wines) proceeded to change the retsina bottle to its current form, named "Chrissi Retsina” (Golden Retsina) by Georgiadis Bros. Next to him, since 1996, were his sons, Antonis Georgiadis (as Commercial Director) and Konstantinos Georgiadis (as Head of Production).

Antonis Georgiadis

In 2002, Antonis Georgiadis took over as President and CEO of the Georgiadis Bros company. While leading the sales department, he more than doubled its turnover and increased the recognition of its products, both abroad as well as in all the local retail chains. His term in office ended in 2014.

The new beginning 2021 - GEORGIADIS CANTEEN

Antonis Georgiadis welcomed 2021 ready to realize his vision and put to work the experiences of 25 years that he acquired in the markets. On the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century, he submitted the GEORGIADIS CANTEEN’s brands to the Ministry of Development for approval. The company’s name is inspired by the French canteens of the past as well the owner's passion for products of premium quality and packaging while at the same time affordable. The main brands, Pandora’s box and Tzoulia Georgiadi are inextricably linked to the history of the Georgiadi family. The “Canteen” however, includes other, premium and pioneering products, such as wines, spirits and liqueurs, all "gifts" of the Greek land.

Stay tuned while we continue and enrich the long history of this family…!

The objectives of Georgiadis Canteen

The distribution of high-quality wines and spirits.

The restoration of Retsina, the "misunderstood" wine, in the eyes of the wine-loving public.

The upgrade of Retsina through the making and distribution of the Tzoulia Georgiadi as well as the Vosporos Canteen brands.

The provision of a range of solutions, tailored to the requirements of the modern consumer. Georgiadis Canteen aspires to successfully cover a wide range of consumer needs through the distribution of wines and spirits of all categories, from value for money products catered to the daily table to premium quality products for special moments and occasions.

The continuity and enrichment of the long and successful course of the Georgiadis family of winemakers.