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Mastiha Liqueur



The “Liqueur Mastiha Psychis” is traditionally produced in Chios by the Psychis distillery and is a distillation product from the authentic Chios Mastic.
The founder of the “Psychis Traditional Distillery” distilled Mastic crystals, taking natural distillate and created, after many efforts, the excellent “Liquer Mastiha Psychis”. The local tradition wants it to be served accompanied by dessert, after every meal or with coffee.
Today, the 4th generation, following the well-hidden family recipe (which is passed down from generation to generation), is supplied the authentic mastic by the Chios Gum Mastic Growers Association, distilling it in its traditional copper stills, creating the “Liqueur Mastiha Psychis” which contains in its taste the whole history of the island.
The “Liqueur Mastiha Psychis” is an excellent choice for consumption in a shot (try the frozen one) or in cocktails or even as an aperitif served in a columned glass with grated ice.

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