Abelon is 100% certified organic distillate of a single variety of grapes and produced in micro-distillery controlled environment for optimum fermentation and distillation results.

The organic grape spirit "Demitriou Kazaki" embraces years-long experience in spirit production as well as expertise gathered since 1987 by Dimitrios Kazaki.

Ouzo Psychis Chios Rebiko 40% vol is produced with a traditional family recipe from 100% distillation of Chian anise, creating the special aroma and the characteristic rich taste that distinguishes it.

Double Distilled Tsipouro Psychis without Anise. Black Moschato from Tyrnavos in a special proportion with other fine grape varieties is distilled in traditional copper multi-distillers and then redistilled. Double distillation, twice authentic!

Mastiha!!! It is the tear that aromatizes, soothes, delights… With its intoxicating aroma we created a genuine Chian liqueur with a unique taste. Mastiha liqueur Psychis is prepared in the old traditional way. It is the appropriate aperitif and is pleasantly drunk cold.