Endless pleasure for grand moments, the bag-in-boxes contain every type of wine that may interest every wine lover and are available for extensive consumption in groups and generous meals.


“Pandora” was created from soil by Hephaestus at the order of Zeus. Zeus’ wife, Athena, gave her life and the rest of the Olympus’ gods offered her several other gifts as well as an unprecedented charm. Pandora was sent by the gods as a gift to humans with the command to seduce them. They gave her a huge jar, in which their gifts were sealed, telling her not to open it. We, at Georgiadis Canteen, have made a bag–in-box for you, in which we sealed unique flavors and aromas. Not only do we not forbid you, but we do challenge you to open it and release its gifts. The only thing we’ve kept for us is the hope that our wine will pleasantly surprise you and offer you unique moments of enjoyment.