With the characteristic for the family, figure of Tzοulia Georgiadi in the center, the company’s basic series of six types of wine is offered in the absolutely key bottle of 500ml, ready to give pleasure at the family table.


Tzoulia Georgiadi is a real person. She is the wife of Georgios Georgiadis, a second-generation winemaker and the mother of Antonis Georgiadis, the founder of Georgiadis Canteen and its remarquable wines and spirits. This unique woman has been and still is an inspiration for the historic Georgiadis winery. We, at Georgiadis Canteen, wanted to honor her by giving her name to our core product line. You can enjoy it in 6 wine options and 2 types of packaging, 500ml with the name Tzoulia Georgiadis and 187ml with the name Tzoulieta Georgiadis.