ABELON – Georgiadis Canteen


Organic Grape Spirit

Unfiltered Twice Distilled


Abelon is a 100% certified organic distillate of a single variety of grapes - hand harvested in 2016 - and produced in micro-distillery controlled environment for optimum fermentation and distillation results.

Twice distilled in copper alembic stills and aged - for more than 3 years - in new French oak casks, tailored to my requirements by expert craftsmen of exquisite tonnelleries in Central France, and in perfect humidity and temperature conditions, resulting in unparalleled flavor and aroma.

I open every cask separately, after meticulously examining its sensory attributes. The spirit of each cask is bottled unfiltered, proofed down to 48% Vol. and after a minimum of 6 months maturation. Each bottle is sealed with a pure Portuguese cork and crowned by an engraved golden ring and our family's crest. A testimony of our dedication to excellence.

This premium and authentic organic distillate is a limited edition with a single number marked on each bottle, coming from a single cask and a single variety of organic grapes.

L01-01-101 3 YEARS AGED with CASE
L01-02-101 3 YEARS AGED
L01-03-101 4 YEARS AGED with CASE
L01-04-101 4 YEARS AGED
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